Tennessee Street Park

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History and Southern hospitality are distinct characteristics of the City of Savannah. A2H designed the new Tennessee Street Park to commemorate the city’s uniqueness and to touch on three key elements: historic preservation, native landscaping, and community gathering.

The 6.4-acre park sits on the site of the historic Savannah Institute School. The school’s two monuments and stone entrance sign were salvaged as a tribute to Savannah’s history. Brick pathways, iron entranceways and fences, and a 17-foot cast iron fountain were installed to blend the park with its surroundings. A variety of woody and herbaceous plants was added for shade and color, and a crushed limestone pathway leads to a butterfly garden.

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The park provides a versatile space for all ages to experience with two playgrounds, two splash pads, a walking path, a restroom and concessions building, and shaded pavilions with dining areas. A large, open lawn allows space for community events like movie screenings and concerts. A2H designed the park as part of a larger, ongoing effort to improve the City’s parks and recreation spaces. Other initiatives include Veteran’s Park in Historic Downtown Savannah, the Savannah Sportsplex Masterplan, and the Savannah Marina Masterplan.

The park sits on the site of the former Savannah Institute, a school that stood erect since the late 19th century. Many parts of the school were salvaged including two monuments and its stone sign at the front entrance. The bricks laid throughout the pavilion, the iron entranceway and perimeter fences, and 17-foot-tall era-styled fountain blend the park with the city’s historic and Southern charm.

The park, which is centrally located between residential neighborhoods and downtown businesses, offers locals a versatile gathering space that can be enjoyed by all ages. Park features include two playgrounds, two splash pads, a half-mile walking path, and shaded pavilions with large dining areas. The open lawn allows sufficient space for the city to host free movie screenings and music concerts. The grand lawn allows plentiful space for the City of Savannah to host a variety of free entertainment and events such as live concerts and outdoor movie screenings. Because the complete asphalt removal of the old school left the site wide open, the landscape architects planned for tall trees to be planted throughout the lawn to provide abundant shade.

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