Ripley Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation

After serving residents for more than 50 years, many of the City of Ripley’s existing sewer lines suffered from excessive inflow and infiltration during heavy rainfall. This caused the city’s wastewater lagoon to exceed its treatment capacity and incur additional costs for treatment.

Since 2006, A2H has managed the rehabilitation of Ripley’s citywide wastewater collection system. The overall project was spanned across several phases to control project funding and expenses for the city. The project involved the replacement of the existing sewer pipes in dense neighborhoods. A2H utilized the Cured-in-Place Pipe method to rehabilitate more than 11,500 feet of gravity wastewater lines in the city’s industrial park.

Additionally, to control heavy stormwater flow, a water-tight coating system was installed to more than 120 manholes across the city.