Pedestrian Bridge over SR 76 in Henry County

Bridge Focus.jpg

With the addition of a new diagnostics center and adjoined satellite campus for Bethel University, the Henry County Medical Center required a pedestrian bridge for quick and safe access for employees, students, and patients. The pedestrian bridge was constructed over a major state highway, connecting the original hospital with the new joint facility. The bridge totals 221 feet in length, with a main span of 102 feet and flows into a 5,000-square-foot common lobby on the main floor for Bethel students and hospital employees to gather in between classes or shifts.

A2H provided traffic control and consistently coordinated with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to make sure the state highway remained fully functional during construction. With the design of the bridge, the firm avoided TDOT right-of-way for the highway as well as gas lines, water lines, and an abandoned underground fuel tank. A2H also managed electrical overhead realignment. Additionally, the bridge design fully complies with ADA requirements, featuring handrails and lifts for handicap accessibility.