Memphis Health Center

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To support its mission of increasing healthcare access for uninsured and low income residents in the surrounding area, the Memphis Health Center needed improvements to its existing facility located in downtown Memphis. A2H managed the clinic’s complete interior and exterior renovation. The facility was also expanded by an additional 6,800 square feet to accommodate a larger patient waiting area, offices, and a new pharmacy. Extra exam rooms were added, allowing the clinic to diversify its healthcare services.

The project involved reprogramming the clinic’s existing layout to improve patient/staff flow and to allow flexibility for future growth. Interior renovations, which included new flooring, fixtures, and finishes, were made to refresh the clinic with a modern look. A two-story volume was added to bring natural lighting throughout the clinic. The facility’s mechanical and electrical system also received multiple equipment upgrades.

As per the client’s needs, the expansion and renovation were executed in multiple phases so that the clinic could maintain operations during construction.