Memphis City Hall Space Utilization Study

A2H worked with the City of Memphis to plan for a more efficient, prioritized use of 110,000 square feet of existing space at City Hall. An assessment was conducted to identify current use of the space, inventory the current staff, analyze departmental growth over the next 5 and 10 years, and address concerns regarding the safety and infrastructure of the aging building.

Following an extensive assessment of current conditions, A2H developed a plan for strategizing space utilization at City Hall. This included collaborating with 12 different city divisions and their internal sub-groups to take into account department size, adjacency requirements, public access to departments with high volumes of client interaction, and department process flow.

The outcome of this effort included providing the City with a set of standardized office classifications and guidelines, optimized department and shared meeting space layouts for each floor, recommendations for improving the quality of space within the facility, and recommendations for improving building security. In addition, conceptual designs were developed of key spaces where significant investment was desired. Preliminary cost estimates were also developed to help facilitate future budget planning to implement the desired renovations.