Loosahatchie Interceptor Sewer & Bolen Huse Pump Station

This project involved the design of two separate contracts. Contract 1 included the design of the Bolen Huse Pump Station and approximately 16,700 linear feet of gravity interceptor sewer ranging in size from 18” to 36”. In additions Contract 1 included approximately 6400 linear feet of 18” and 6400 linear feet of 28” of two parallel sanitary sewer force mains.

When contract 1 was completed, both the Raleigh-Millington Pump Station and the Bolen Huse Pump Station discharged into a 42” gravity interceptor located south of the Loosahatchie River at Raleigh-Millington Road. This interceptor was currently at capacity and it was imperative to get the hydraulic loading from the Raleigh-Millington Pump Station and the Bolen Huse Pump Station removed from this interceptor.

Contract 2 relieved this overload situation. The new force mains from the two above-mentioned pump stations paralleled Raleigh-Millington Road to the intersection with Fite Road and then continue west paralleling the south right-of-way line of Fite Road to a point just east of the intersection of Fite Road and the Canadian National Railroad, a total length of approximately 14,150 linear feet. At this point the force mains turn southward to a point approximately 1100 feet south of Fite Road where the force mains discharge into a new 36” diameter gravity sewer line that continues south and westerly to its termination point at a tie-in with an existing 60” diameter interceptor sewer, a total length of 36” gravity sewer of approximately 3,700 linear feet.

The force main coming from the Bolen Huse Pump Station begins as a 28” HDPE pipe that required a 300’ directional bore underneath the Loosahatchie River. The 28” HDPE force main transitions to a 24” PVC force main just west of Raleigh-Millington Road and south of Fite Road.

The force main originating at the Raleigh-Millington Pump Station is a 24” diameter PVC pipe that is parallel to the 24” diameter Bolen Huse Force Main. Both force mains terminate at the same point at the beginning of a 36” diameter PVC gravity sewer.