Kellogg Distribution Facility


In order to meet the increasing production of a near by facility, Kellogg’s decided to expand its distribution capabilities in the Jackson area. A2H worked as part of a design/build team to provide site planning, civil engineering design, and landscape architectural design this new 1,105,000 SF facility. The facility was also laid out with space for a future 458,000 SF expansion area.

Sitting on a 134-acre site, this project was the largest new construction project ever undertaken in Madison County, Tennessee. The project included significant site challenges related to traffic circulation and stormwater management. To accommodate the large number of trucks moving in and out of the site, special attention was paid to how travel lanes were laid out, the turning radius used on routes, and how the security check point was located to prevent traffic backing up into the highway.

The site had large wet weather conveyance cutting through its middle from its time as agricultural land. This required relocation and conversion to a culvert through a large portion of the site. In addition, a large stormwater detention basin was provided along the North side of the site.