I-40 Advantage Industrial Park Masterplan + Access Road

I-40 Advantage.JPG

The City of Brownsville and the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development need a partner to help turn a greenfield site into a marketable space for future industrial development. The site is approximately 475 acres, located within the I-40 Advantage Industrial Park at Highway 70/79 and Windrow Road.

A2H designed a new 1,200-foot entrance road into the industrial park from Highway 70 that would widen and reroute Windrow Road. The purpose of the project was to present a more attractive entryway during industrial recruitment. Landscaping and planting plans were developed to dress up the roadway. The existing Windrow Road was widened at Highway 70 for easier access in and out of the industrial park. The new roadway was designed to be compatible with potential roadway extensions further into the site once development began.

The new access road was partially funded by a TVA Invest Prep Grant, which A2H helped the city obtain. A2H also worked with the city and ECD to develop a Master Plan to help the industrial park become a Select Tennessee Certified Site. A2H has gone on to present the Master Plan to many industrial prospects on behalf of the city.