FedEx Air Operations Training Center

To accommodate the company’s growth and increased number of aircraft professionals, FedEx chose to expand its air operations training facility in Memphis. The facility was expanded by 245,000 square feet and is equipped with the latest training technology. The core of the building is made up of 12 simulation bay that feature space to hold large flight simulators to train FedEx pilots. The building also holds a corporate history museum, a 400-seat conference auditorium, classrooms, and multiple support office areas.

3-D Building Information Model of Engineering Systems

3-D Building Information Model of Engineering Systems

The placement of the simulators was designed in a double row approach to provide a more effective layout of support spaces and to minimize the amount of energy required to operate the building. The majority of the second floor of the facility is dedicated to educational use, with approximately 10,000 square feet of classroom space for the thousands of pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians undergoing required continued training each year.

A2H worked within the campus’ current master plan to complement the new building with the existing the campus setting. The facility was designed to meet LEED Gold standards and also features an advanced structural system to not only withstand a seismic event, but to enable the facility maintain normal operations post-event. A2H served as the project manager and lead design firm in collaboration with another small local architect.

A2H served as the lead design firm and project manager for this project and collaborated with a small local architect on the building’s design.