Dresden Iris Festival Park + Green Rail Trails Master Plan

The Dresden Iris Festival Park and Green Rail Trail project is a proactive initiative by the city to create a healthier, safer, and more connected Dresden. The goal of this project is to convert a former railroad line into a rails-to-trails multi-modal linkage that connects the heart of historic downtown Dresden to a new community gathering place.

A2H has worked with Dresden since 2009 to bring this project to life. An extensive initial discovery and planning process was conducted to build public support and develop the overall design in a way that enables each component to stand alone as the project is implemented.

The project has now moved into the implementation stage and is being developed in multiple phases using a wide range of grant and funding sources. The first component: a community farmers market opened in 2014 and the design of the trail was recently completed. Trail construction began in the summer of 2016.

Master Plan.jpg