Belk Boulevard Extension

A new Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford is currently under construction to serve northern Mississippi. Belk Boulevard, which previously dead ended at South Lamar Boulevard, was extended 4,500 linear feet west to connect to Old Taylor Road. The new roadway runs adjacent to the front of the new hospital site to accommodate the heavy influx of traffic at the hospital.

A2H designed the extension as a divided highway, featuring two lanes in each direction separated by a tree-lined median and turning lanes at intersections. Sidewalks with a grass buffer strip were installed, and bicycle lanes were striped along the entire new segment. Traffic signalization will be added at the hospital entrances once the facility is complete. A new roundabout will be constructed at South Lamar Boulevard and Belk Boulevard to ease congestion. 

In the second phase, a traffic signal was installed at Old Taylor Road where the new segment of Belk Boulevard ends. A portion of Old Taylor Road was widened to four lanes to control traffic entering and exiting the hospital site.