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Public Spaces

Enhancing civic pride and
opportunities to bring people together.

Savannah's Tennessee Street Park

Savannah's Tennessee Street Park

Parks & Recreation

Developing a park requires intricate collaboration, not only within the design team but also with city officials and residents. A2H planners work closely with stakeholders to truly understand their vision and develop public spaces that serve the public for future generations.

  • Playgrounds & Splash Pads
  • Running & Bike Trails
  • Sports Fields & Athletic Courts
Lauderdale County Courthouse Modernization

Lauderdale County Courthouse Modernization

Government Buildings

Government buildings serve a number of public needs as well as stand as a symbol of the community to residents and visitors. We design and modernize a range of government facilities that address the everyday concerns of the public.

  • Courthouses
  • Emergency Dispatch Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Community Safe Rooms
Fayette County Airport Terminal Building

Fayette County Airport Terminal Building


Successful airports balance efficiency of everyday operations, safety on site, and pleasant travel experiences. A2H professionals utilize their expertise in federal regulations and aviation design address your immediate and long-term challenges and develop effective and workable solutions.

  • Terminal Buildings
  • Runways & Taxiways
  • Fueling Stations
  • Hangars
Milan, TN Main Street Revitalization

Milan, TN Main Street Revitalization

Downtown Revitalization

Redeveloping a downtown has several benefits to your community including creating new jobs, boosting business performance, and commemorating history and tradition. A2H delivers improvements such as storefronts restoration and increased walkability that can revitalize the spirit of your community.

  • Design Standardization
  • Storefront Upgrades
  • Streetscape Enhancements
  • Master Plans

Master Planning

Optimizing full potential of a community is a large task that requires thoughtful planning and local collaboration. Our team can create a plan that addresses residents' concerns and enhances the community for future generations.

FEMA Safe Rooms

Though it's rare, it's important for a community to be prepared for the worst. A2H designs facilities specific to FEMA guidelines so residents can seek shelter and emergency respondents can continue operations during storms.

Grant Assistance

Projects can get costly and most communities have limited funding resources. A2H will help you obtain government grants from various sources within your state to fund various community improvements.

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