4 Favorite Bridges of Our Project Managers

Addressing aging infrastructure issues is a major part of why we enjoy doing what we do. We’ve particularly been fortunate to work on a variety of bridges across West Tennessee that are used every day by several people. To date, we’re proud to have completed over 500 bridge projects as a firm. We chatted with a few of our principals and project managers to discuss what favorite bridge projects they’ve led during their time here.

Bethel University / Henry County Medical Center Pedestrian Bridge

When the Henry County Medical Center teamed with Bethel University to open a new diagnostic center and a satellite campus for health science students, A2H designed a pedestrian bridge connecting the expansion to the existing campus. The pedestrian bridge rises over the major state highway US-79/Tyson Avenue.

“With the new diagnostic center and Bethel campus across the busy highway, safety posed a major concern for those traveling between the two facilities day after day. A pedestrian bridge was the best solution for a safe and quick access. Particularly with Bethel students right across the street, the bridge allows the opportunity for them to receive an enhanced education as they can walk across and gain first-hand experience in the healthcare world.”

– Ryan McDaniel, PE, senior structural engineer


Kerrville-Rosemark Road Bridge

We worked with Shelby County to replace a bridge on Kerrville-Rosemark Road in Millington after it was declared structurally deficient by TDOT inspectors. The 125-foot-long bridge was designed with context sensitive architecture concept.

“This project was unique to other bridge replacements in our past. While deficiencies on the bridge were addressed, the flat stone guard rails enhanced the overall visual appeal along Kerrville-Rosemark. The bridge is no longer just a structure to cross a creek but now a landmark for the region.”

– Pat Harcourt, PE, principal-in-charge


Memphis International Airport Taxiway Bridges

With Memphis sitting on the New Madrid fault line, we worked with the city to prepare in case the worst ever happens. Three taxiway bridges at the Memphis International Airport, which provide access for the Tennessee Air National Guard and commercial carriers, were upgraded with seismic bracing. The retrofit allows the bridges to remain intact, even after the most catastrophic earthquake.  As a result, the airport can continue to provide access for emergency response.

“This project was challenging and exciting at the same time. Construction phasing required precise planning, and it was worth it in the end. The stability of these structures remains crucial to the region; we’re proud that the city can rely on the taxiways to allow aircraft access for immediate aid in the event of a disaster. ”

– Ryan McDaniel, PE, project manager / senior structural engineer


BRZ Bridge Replacements

Finding sufficient funds to replace a dilapidated bridge can get costly, especially for rural counties. But if you know where to look, then the hard part is over. A2H has helped several West Tennessee counties prepare NEPA documents and obtain funding for bridge replacements through the federal BRZ program.

“Project funding is a common hurdle for many of our rural clients. Unfortunately, many bridges get overlooked and pose a risk to travelers. We’re happy to help communities through the BRZ process because we know it’ll increase the overall safety for drivers.”

– Steve Brigance, PE, project manager / senior civil engineer