America Celebrates 25 Years of ADA

August 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act being passed. Since then, many buildings and sidewalks have been modified to accommodate access for those with disabilities. Unfortunately, even after 25 years, there are still many structures that don’t provide proper access and don’t meet current regulations.

We’ve helped many communities across the Mid-South address these issues and enhance accessibility. Projects have included elevator installations, adjusted entryways with ramps, curb cuts at sidewalks, and additional handicap parking spots. We wanted to give the thumbs up to the following communities and schools who are taking charge in increasing accessibility.

Downtown Halls, Tennessee

When the Town of Halls underwent a revitalization of its downtown, it was the perfect opportunity to complete upgrades for ADA access. As landscaping and storefront renovations were made, all curbs at existing sidewalks in the area were retrofitted with handicap ramps. The ramps were laid with decorative bricks to complement with the new streetscapes. 

University of Mississippi

Ole Miss has been making ongoing efforts to make all parking lots and building entrances on campus compliant with current ADA codes. For instance, at the Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts, the handicapped-designated spots previously had slopes that were steeper than the code requires. The parking lot was revamped with the necessary corrections. 


Covington Community Center

The City of Covington in Tennessee is currently converting two former church buildings into a community center. Expected to be the regular meeting space for community and recreational activities, particularly senior citizens, the city is working to ease access throughout the new building. The two buildings, one over 100 years old and the other 60, had unmatched floor levels causing difficulty to travel between the two. An elevator was installed in the lower building, taking people up to a junction where they can easily travel to the adjacent building. The grading was also leveled in front of the center for quick entry. 


University of Memphis - Lambuth Campus

Upon opening a new satellite campus at the former Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee, the University of Memphis has undergone renovations to unify the campus. One included the Wilder Student Union building, which is located at the heart of campus and brought in the most people throughout the day. The 50-year-old building is currently non-compliant with current ADA codes, as there's no handicap access to the upper floors. Architectural and structural modifications were made to install an elevator to easily travel between all floors. The elevator was strategically placed in the center of the building for convenience and readily access for students, faculty, and visitors.