Designing spaces that engage and inspire
the minds of future generations. 

Caruthersville High School

Caruthersville High School


Creating an intellectually stimulating environment is essential to learning. A2H professionals have the expertise necessary to plan and design facilities that engage students and promote excellence.

  • Multipurpose Classrooms
  • Music & Arts Studios
  • Cafeterias
  • Performance Halls
Odom Hall Auditorium at Bethel University

Odom Hall Auditorium at Bethel University

Higher Education

Top-notch facilities can play a major role in creating quality learning experiences and preparing future young professionals for their careers. A2H designs a variety of university facilities that serve different degree programs, provide resources for advanced learning, and capture the history and integrity of the campus.

  • Classrooms & Lecture Halls
  • Laboratories
  • Auditoriums
  • Libraries
UT Martin Tennis Facility Upgrades

UT Martin Tennis Facility Upgrades

Athletic Facilities

On the night of a big game or match, you want facilities that will create an exciting atmosphere and bring out your school pride. A2H is prepared to take your big ideas and make them a reality.

  • Outdoor Fields & Courts
  • Gymnasiums & Arenas
  • Cardio & Weight Training Rooms
  • Physical Therapy Suites
Student Fitness Center at Bethel University

Student Fitness Center at Bethel University

Student Living

For students, the college experience is about much more than what takes place in the classroom. A2H designs facilities that help students recharge in between studying, maintain a balanced lifestyle, and create memories of the "best four years of their lives."

  • Cafeterias & Food Courts
  • Workout Facilities
  • Dormitory Housing
  • Recreation Centers & Lounges

FEMA Safe Rooms

A school’s number one priority for students is safety. A2H specializes in designing safe rooms, specific to FEMA P-361 guidelines, so that students and staff are protected during dangerous weather conditions.


Modern school facilities need to feel equally secure and inviting. Our designers use the latest best practices that support safety and accessibility procedures that shield students from outside threats.

Property Condition Assessment

Looking to renovate a classroom building or athletic facility? We can add value to your project by conducting an industry standard Property Condition Assessment to identify unknown issues earlier.

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